16 Signs That He Can’t Live Without You

What feelings does your soulmate have for you: love or a simple sympathy? Is he sincere in his manifestations or skillfully hides his real emotions? Women often have such questions often, because they tend to seek confirmation of love in every act of their beloved man, to think about the sincerity of his feelings and to doubt everything about serious relationships.

There is nothing funny in these torments, of course, because it is important for every woman to know that her soulmate loves her and does not cheat her. So, how can we be sure in the feelings of our soulmates? This is the main difficulty for women, because if you ask your partner about this directly, he may lie or not answer your question, because of his character.

In fact, in order to find out the truth, there is no need for any knowledge of psychology, because there are several signs that a man really loves you, which you can distinguish and notice yourself. Observation and patience is the only thing you need to get the answer to one of the most important questions in your life.

#1. He is thinking about you all the time and you are thinking about him.

#2. You like spend time together doing your favorite activities.

#3. You ask about each other’s day.

#4. You love to check each other’s posts on social networks. 

#5. You never forget about your plans.

#6. You always keep promises. 

#7. You remember doing simple cute things together. 

#8. You re-read each other’s messages after a while. 

#9. You have your song and like to sing it.

#10. You are the best friends for each other.

#11. You like to take care of each other. 

#12. You know that you can support each other in all life situations.

#13. You enjoy dating no less than before.

#14. You can not imagine each other with someone else.

#15. You worry about each other.

#16. You do not try to change each other. 

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