2 Fast Diets To Lose 5 Kilograms In 1 Week!

If you have too much relaxed food and now you can not wear your favorite dress, just try one of these following diets.


Fast Diet N. 1

It lasts for five days.

Breakfast: Any fruits, except bananas.

Lunch: A hot dog and boiled egg

Alcohol, sweetened juices and milk are not recommended, but it is necessary to consume two liters of fluids per day, whether it will be water or better yet unsweetened teas.

Diet must not be repeated without pause.


Fast Diet N. 2

It lasts seven days, and you can lose 5-6 pounds.

Day 1:

Eat only fruit, with the exception of bananas. Fruits are allowed in unlimited quantities. The best choice is that it contains large amounts of water.

Day 2:

Eat exclusively vegetables, which can be fresh, cooked or canned, but beans, lentils and similar vegetables should be avoided. Green and leafy vegetables are recommended. Spices are allowed, but not oil.

Day 3:

Eat fruits and vegetables and soup that you will prepare by chopping vegetables and pouring it with water, cooking at high temperature for 10 minutes, then lowering the temperature and cooking until it softens. In the end, add spices.

Day 4:

Bananas are allowed (3 per day), non-fat milk and vegetable soup (prepared as the one from the previous day).

Day 5:

Eat soup, for a meal of 200 g beef and 6 fresh tomatoes during the day. Veal should be roasted or cooked, and in no case fried.

Day 6:

Besides the soup, this day is allowed 400 g beef and any vegetables.

Day 7:

Food is the same as the previous day; just replace the meat with integral rice.

Diet can be repeated several times, but after each cycle, you must pause.

Also in this diet, alcohol, sweetened juices and fat with milk are forbidden, but it is necessary to drink two liters of fluids per day, water or unsweetened teas.

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