This 3-Day Exercise Plan Eliminates Belly Fat Fast

Very often, people tend to confuse the terms ‘core’ and ‘abs’. The core includes the hips, lower back muscles, glutes, and the abs. Training the core prevents injuries, betters the athletic performance, improves the posture, and alleviates pain in the lower back. Below, you have an exercise plan which is excellent against belly fat.

How to Melt Belly Fat Exercise Plan

Day 1

You need to do the following exercises:

Skyscrapers-ten per side

Windshield wipers-ten per side

Army crawls- thirty-six steps

Day 2

On this day, you need to make 4 moves. If you want to and if you can, repeat the set one more time. You need to do the following exercises:

Break dancer- fifteen per side

Skydiver- maintain the position for 30 seconds

Dead bug- ten repetitions

Thread the needle-ten per side

Day 3

On this day, you need to perform 4 exercises in a six-minute circuit. Here are the exercises:

Crab-kicks into superman-ten per side

Star-leg-raise- ten per side

Side V ups- ten per side

Under/over- ten per side


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