He Is 45, Gym Addicted And Looks Like A “BEAST” (Video)

Training and maintaining physical fitness is healthy, but when you become obsessed with pumping the muscles and can lead to serious danger and endangering life.

Such is the case with Rich Payne. The man who at his 18th birthday, he became a fan of the gyms and the big muscle. So once he became an adult started taking steroids and growth hormones to have bigger biceps and triceps.

His body grew enormously almost turned into a monster. Now there are 140 kg, and continues to grow due to taking hormones. First stepped into a gym when he was  11 years and became addicted to it. As the son of a bodybuilder, he knows that sphere and quickly started to train with  his mother.

In 15 he began to compete in professional bodybuilding, but not celebrated much. Then he began with taking steroids. Aware of what risk it brings.



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