5 Common Causes of Belly Fat That People Do NOT Know, Do NOT Notice and Never Fix

I have suffered from stubborn belly fat like most of my patients. I’ve tried various trends and diets to get rid of this spare tire. It is extremely important to find out the main reason for the presence of this problem, if you really want to burn the stubborn weight.

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

Most of the people who deal with stubborn belly fat and are overweight, usually deal with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome including diarrhea, constipation and bloating. Overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestines can be caused by all of these symptoms.

Population of bacteria are present in the large intestines, mouths and digestive tract of the people. Due to the low stomach acid and poor dietary choices, these bacteria often steal the nutrients from the food we intake and thus we have reduced levels of nutrition entering the bloodstream. Lack of nutrients getting into the cells may be caused by bacterial overgrowth. It can be the reason to not losing weight, despite if you are eating well.

To determine if this is the main cause, there are different tests to be completed.

Poor Fatty Acids Metabolism

Your body will have no choice but to store the fat away if your organism is actually not able to use these fats as a fuel. The process of burning the fat in your body order to provide energy will not be effective if your cells have lack of couple essential nutrients. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) and Carnitine are need by our cells in order to melt fatty acids.

To determine if fatty acids metabolism is the reason of excess fat storage, there 2 possible things you can do.

The first is to consume good source of fat instead of bad, inflammatory fats. And the second one is to be examined by Functional Medicine doctor.

However, clarified grass-fed butter, avocado, organic coconut oil and wild fish are great sources of good fats.

Not Consuming Organic Food

Herbicides and pesticides are often sprayed on the crops. These chemicals actually affect insects, fungi, viruses and bacteria in a negative way. Some of these toxic chemicals have absolutely negative impact on our overall health.

The consumption of organic food can really help you to get rid of the excess pounds, waste, toxins and improve you overall health. I personally noticed significant improvements, decrease in weight as soon as I opt for organic foods.

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalance is common from a lot of people in the US. This can actually include imbalance in brain based hormones, sex hormones, adrenal hormones and insulin levels.

The hormones have major role in the human body. They comand the metabolic processes of the cells, their usage of carbs and fat, mood, their rate and ability of energy production and their reaction to stimuli.

All hormones interact with each other so a single hormonal imbalance never occurs in isolation.

The weight of the people is often affected if they suffer from some of these hormonal issues. From infertility and thyroid dysfunction to diabetes and obesity. You should definitely visit your doctor, complete testes and see if a hormonal imbalance is the main cause for your weight gain.

Nutrition Full Of Carbs and Sugar

Large amounts of refined carbs and sugar are contained in the processed foods. These foods actually lead to fat storage, cause spike in insulin and many other negative effects.

Nowadays people consume food rich in carbs, spend a lot of time in front of their screens, live relatively sedentary lives.

You must be aware that this is these are the crucial changes that you should make in your life. You should definitely opt for good quality fat, foods high in protein, unprocessed and organic foods.


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