7 Leftovers You Should NEVER Reheat (This Could be Poison For Your Family)

Most of the people tend to reheat the leftover food and enjoy it for second or even third time.  Maybe you never thought about these foods as potential risk to your health. Some foods don’t retain their nutritional value after they have been reheated.

These 7 popular foods you  should never reheated and eat again


You should never reheat the spinach because it is very dangerous thing to do. It is recommended to eat it right after preparation. Spinach contains very high percentage of nitrates which turn into nitrites when reheated. This is carcinogenetic to the body.


This vegetable is loaded with nitrates, which is good. However, it is a food that doesn’t need to be reheated. Heating up is not harmful but reheating is.


The potatoes contain a lot of nutritional value and they are very good for our health. However, in the process of reheating potatoes lose their nutritional value. Then, they become toxic for the body instead of beneficial.


Celery is mainly used for soups. As the spinach, celery contains nitrates too. When reheating the soups they turn into nitrites. So, when reheating the soup take out the celery, it is not good to reheat much like carrots.


If eggs are exposed to high temperatures and reheated, they are likely to become toxic. This doesn’t go for foods where eggs are included during the preparation process. Is it mainly applied to reheating scrambled eggs and boiled eggs.


It is very dangerous to eat chicken after a day. You can experience some digestive problems because the composition of proteins will change. Since the chicken contains more protein that the red meat this is quite concerning. It is recommended to eat the chicken cold. However, if you have to heat it up, make sure you do it on low temperature over a long period.


You are probably familiar with the fact that the mushrooms are maybe the main food that should not be reheated. It is recommended to consume them right after preparation. If you have to consume them the next day, make sure you eat them cold. As mentioned above in the “chicken” section, the composition of protein will change after sitting. This leads to digestive issues as well as heart problems.

It is really important to pay attention to what kinds of leftovers you throw in the oven or the microwave. You should definitely reconsider reheating if the meal consists of any of these foods. It is not recommended to reheat food, but if you feel the urge to do so just think about the potential health risks.


Source: http://healthyfitteam.com/

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