9 Different Meanings of Stomach Pain!

The stomach is a big area, and every pain can be caused by several reasons – from benign to dangerous. For a better insight into the potential impacts, identify the precise location of your pain.

Pain in the stomach is one of the most common symptoms that occasionally affects 90% of people. Sometimes it is frightening us because of the intensity, but the intensity of the pain does not mean that its cause is serious and back – mild but lasting pain may mean chronic disease that should be treated.

If you notice pain in the abdomen, in any part, which lasts longer than 2 weeks, consult a doctor, to exclude any serious diagnosis. Reason for immediate visit to the doctor is prolonged bloating, prolonged vomiting, diarrhea and blood in stool.

Abdominal pain is any pain that is felt in the area between the chest and groin. Because the stomach occupies a large part of the body, it is necessary to accurately locate the place where it hurts to make it easier to find the cause. Find your weak spot on the map and identify it its meaning.


  1. Gall stones, stomach ulcer, inflammation of the pancreas
  2. Stomach ulcer, heartburn, indigestion, inflammation of the pancreas, gallstones, epigastric hernia (hernia above the navel)
  3. Stomach ulcer, duodenum ulcer, obstruction of the biliary tract, inflammation of the pancreas
  4. Kidney stones, urinary inflammation, constipation, lumbar hernia – displaced disc in the spine
  5. Pancreatic inflammation is early stages of appendicitis, stomach ulcer, inflammation of the colon, inflammation of the small intestine, Crohn’s disease, umbilical hernias (umbilical hernia)
  6. Kidney stones, Diverticular disease, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease
  7. Appendicitis inflammation, constipation, pelvic pain – gynecological problems (endometriosis, etc.), Pain in the groin – inguinal hernia.
  8. Inflammation of urinary, appendicitis, inflammatory bowel, pelvic pain – gynecological problems, Diverticular disease
  9. Diverticular disease, pelvic pain – gynecological problems, pain in the groin – inguinal hernia.

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