You Should Add These Ingredients In Water To Detox Your Body And Lose Weight!

The best way to flush out toxins, is simple: lots and lots of water. But you don’t have to drink it plain, because we have a solution! You can add a little flavor as well with these delicious additions, that can detox your whole organism, boost the metabolism and lose weight. It`s very popular and powerful drink called  Detox Water. All you need is: lemon, cucumber, ginger and fresh mint.

Lemon: Lemon helps to cleanse and alkalize the body, acts against bacteria that cause acne, so that revitalizes the skin. The citric acid acts well on digestion, prevents cramps and balances the acids in the stomach. Helps with depression fighting. Restores the skin cells and thus helps in healing and recovery of wounds (if there are any on the skin). Also, helps with bad breath, sore tooth and treat wounds in the mouth.

Cucumber: Cucumber water isn’t just for spas. Adding a few slices of cucumber to your water makes for excellent hydration, and cucumber also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

You Should Add These Ingredients In Water To Detox Your Body And Lose Weight!

Ginger: The spicy root helps cleanse out your system, aids in digestion, and settles your stomach. A little goes a long way, so start with a few thin slices or grate a tiny piece into your water and taste before adding more as necessary. It helps fight some cancers, reduce the aches of osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, soothe sore (or, swollen) muscles, provide relief for an upset stomach and relaxes & soothes the intestinal tract.

Mint: Mint adds a touch of sweetness without the sugar to your water, and it also helps settle your stomach and aids in digestion as well.

How to prepare the Detox Water with these ingredients?


Add three to five slices of cucumber, half a lemon, and a few sprigs of mint leaves to 1,5 liter of cold water. Also add sliced peeled ginger, about a one-inch piece of ginger root.


Drink this water during the day. You should drink 1,5 liter, daily.


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