ALWAYS Wash Your New Garment Before Wearing! You Should See This VIDEO!

It`s known that we all can`t wait to wear the new jeans or T-shirt. But still, although entirely new garment looks clean, the reality is that they are not immediately reach from the production to the store. They were touched by a lot of  people. This means that it was a thousand hands on your new garment. This does not include all potential customers who have tried the garment before you.

It turns out that this could be so bad that the infection is transmitted through the garment, as well as the lice! Professor of dermatology at Columbia University Dr. Donald Belasito says that it should be necessary to get things washed at least once.
“For hygiene, it is a very good thing to do. As a dermatologist, I’ve seen various examples of strange things, and I personally would not risk it.”

Аlways wash your new garment before wearing

However, there is another very important reason why the washing the new garment is priority: Color and formaldehyde, which is used in the production of painting. This is the reason why you should wash your garment!

Not only new clothes should be washed, but also regular clothes that should be washed regularly. It is generally known that the myth said that jeans should be washed only once every few months. Do laboratory test on your jeans and you will wash them every day!

Watch this video:

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