Amazing Tricks To Hide Gray Hair!

If you do not have time to color the hair, and already has grown a new, here are some tricks, how to hide – least temporarily.

If your hair is naturally darker.

Women who are color in bright colors most typically have this problem.

You need a shampoo for dry hair or powder for babies.

Just place on the hair (or spray with shampoo), concretely in hair roots and spread it everywhere using a brush and then combing the hair.

Amazing Tricks To Hide Gray Hair!

If your natural hair color is brighter.

This trick is for all women who have naturally lighter hair color, which is color darker of various reasons.

All you need is eye shadow in black or brown, depending on your hair color. Using a brush, apply shadow on hair root and nice combing the hair. Add it, as needed. Carefully with color to not be different.

If you interest, how to color your hair, naturally, without chemical Click here.

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