Anti-Aging Carrot Face Mask – It Is Even Better Than Botox

Fast lifestyle exhausts every of you completely, and the wrinkles to your face display how definitely tired you are. We’ve the correct answer for you — a homemade anti-wrinkle face mask.

Its impact is almost equal as the effect you get after a botox treatment.

To put together this mask you need a tablespoon of cornstarch, a few fresh carrot juices (about 5 tablespoons) and a tablespoon of butter cream.


First, blend a tablespoon of cornstarch and a few water (about 1/2 glass). Boil four hundred ml / 14 oz. of water and allow it cool for a while, however now not completely. Add the cornstarch and prepare dinner on a low warmness till the mixture receives thicker.

At the quit, after it cools, add some fresh carrot juice and the bitter cream. Stir well and observe the masks on a easy face. Depart it for 25-half-hour.

Rinse nicely with warm water and follow your favorite face cream. Keep the relaxation of the mask within the refrigerator.

The first-class consequences are acquired by way of repeating this manner for 3 days in a row. It gets rid of each tiredness and wrinkles from your face and your pores and skin is greater firm, elastic and tender.

This self-made mask hydrates the skin in your face and provides nearly the identical impact as botox.

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