Boyfriend Sets Up Hidden Camera Before Going To Bed. What It Captured Is Unbelievable

Since the dawn of mankind, the existence of supernatural has confounded humans more than anything.Ghosts, poltergeists, jinns, a woman in white and many more. Though there are some who say that there is no place for such primitive beliefs in our modern day society, still we sometimes can not comprehend some happenings, happening that leave us baffled. These happenings, they push us to believe that we might be wrong, and there might be such things which can be termed as ‘Supernatural’.

Following is the account of a couple which was distressed by unexplained displacement of objects at night. So one day, they decided to film their bedroom as they slept and what they found in the morning, was terrifying and bewildering beyond bounds.

1.Man Sets Up The Camera and Turns On The Night Vision4ttd7109ygml90qlyyyw

2. Man Gets Into Bed


After he was pleased with the camera, he got into his bed with his mate.

3. Lights Out!


Couple turns off the lights and falls asleep soundly and carelessly, but what they don’t realize is that there is someone lurking in the shadows of their comfortable looking bedroom

4. OMG!


5. Keep Your Eyes On The Lamp!


Almost seconds after the door opened, the lamp knocked itself off the desk!

6. Who’s That!?


Keep your eyes fixed on the side of the man, and yes, you just saw that!!!

7. In The Red Circle


In case you didn’t see what was fishy in the gif.

9. Where Did It GO?!


And after few micro seconds, the entity vanished


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