Check It! The Mistakes That You`re Making Washing Your Jeans!

How to keep your blue and black jeans looking as new as possible. Be sure to steer clear of these fabric-damaging mistakes.

  1. Cramming too many clothes in the same time

Your clothes should circulate or tumble freely, so they are thoroughly cleaned and dried and don’t emerge from the machines in a tangled knot. The more garments you stuff into a load, the more wear and tear your fabric will endure.When the washing machine is full of clothes, there isn`t room to move and the rivets and zippers can snag.

      2.Leaving them to dry too long

Fabrics shrink when left in the dryer too long to get over-dried. Especially jeans benefit when you take them out of the dryer slightly damp. Simply tug and smooth them into shape and let them finish drying flat or on a hanger. You may want to switch to line drying your jeans to help preserve the fabric.


Check It! The Mistakes That You`re Making Washing Your Jeans!

  1. Washing them right side out

To help minimize the color loss this can cause, turn jeans inside out before placing them in the washer and leave them inside out until you remove them from the dryer. Zip all zippers and fasten all buttons and snaps, too.

  1. Choosing the wrong cycles

If your jeans are particularly dirty, it’s best to wash them in cold water and dry them at a low temperature. Also, hand washing and line drying is safest.

  1. Skip the color-preserving detergent

The detergents formulated to preserve dark colors are really good. They contain the ingredients that help fabrics hold onto dyes and to deactivate the chlorine in the water that can fade colors. If you want to keep your jeans color as new, especially the dark jeans,  it’s worth investing in a special detergent.

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