Reading faces to have been detected and diagnosed all kinds of diseases, the Chinese healers have been doing this for thousands of years. Faster than other parts of the body, the facial skin could reflect the changes due to its sensitive.

To be uncovering clues about your health, you could learn how to be using this ancient practice.

Every area of our face has been related to particular organs of our organism, so it would be manifested on our face when we have been suffering from any imbalance, as the Chinese medicine have taught us. The most usual common symptoms that could have been occurring are changes in the color of the skin, pimples and rashes.

Forehead: Bladder and small intestine

  • Cause:Slow digestion has been led by too much alcohol, sugar, night life and stress, as well as having consumed too much fat and canned food.
  • Cure:you shouldavoid alcohol and should be trying to have better sleep at night, consuming large amounts of water and raw food.

Between the eyebrows: Liver       

  • Cause:The required resting has not been gotten so your stomach has been tired. When you have been consuming too much meat, and you might have been allergic to some foods, your stomach has been working too much.
  • Cure:You should often be exposed to fresh air, yoga or other exercises, meditation and fast walk, and as well you should consume some healthy and fresh food.

Eyebrow arch: Kidneys

  • Cause:Poor circulation, weakened heart, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.
  • Cure: You should avoid alcohol and intake of sweetened drinks, so reduce the caffeine and be drinking plenty of water.

Nose: Heart

  • Cause:Closed space, polluted air, poor circulation, gasses and bloated stomach. In this part of the face , the hypertension could have led to many issues.
  • Cure:You should have checked your cholesterol level and your blood pressure regulated. In order to have been ejected the toxins from your body, you should drink organic tea and the exercises have been obliged.

Upper part of the cheeks: Lungs

  • Cause:Pollution, smoking and asthma. Dark circles around your eyes has been also a possibility.
  • Cure:You should not be exposed to cigarette smoke or polluted air. You should quit as soon as possible if you have been a smoker. Additional physical activities or some exercises should be started through the day.

Cheeks: Lungs and kidneys

  • Cause:Unhealthy food,too much consumption of sugar, smoking and stress.
  • Cure:You shouldbe buying only high quality cosmetic products and have got rid of the unhealthy food.

Mouth and chin: Stomach

  • Cause: Stimulants like caffeine and alcohol, sugar and food loaded with fat. When spiced food is being used, this area has been most impacted. An imbalance could be resulted from stress and staying late in the night.
  • Cure:You should havebeen consuming a lot of fruits and foods that would have balanced your organism. You should visit your doctor,if you have been still having the problems.

Jaw and neck: Hormones

  • Cause:Drinking small amounts of water and a large intake of season food and salt. However, problems could be caused also by consuming a lot of caffeine.
  • Cure:You should be drinkinga lot of water every day and having reduced the intake of caffeine, salt and seasons food.


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