He Decided to Drink 1 Gallon of Water for 30 Days! The Results Shocked Him!

A journalist from the “Thrillist” portal, decided to drink 1 gallon of water daily for a month. Although he expected certain changes, he definitely was not ready for lots of things.

Day 1: The party begins:

Despite I don`t really know how many glasses of water are 1 gallon, I decided to buy a plastic bottle of 1 gallon and to carry it with me everywhere. Even at the very beginning it seems that it will be a bit harder than I imagined. I am trying to focus on the drinking water to achieve my quota for this day.

Day 5: I am urinating every 20 minutes

I really have to drink water. My body, and probably the body of every other person contain 60% of water, but nobody drinks 1 gallon of water a day. I drink water even if I am not thirsty. But there is no different. The only change is a continued feeling of fullness, because I eat less. Plus, I go to toilet on every 20 minutes. Everybody thinks that I have drug problems, because I constantly o in and out of the toilet. When I go out, I drink water with every second drink and I go to toilet all the time.

Day10: I became… beautiful?

Something is going on, especially in the morning. I usually need a cup of coffee after waking up, so I can function, but now I feel completely fresh and full of energy It`s a nice change. I even feel better. Maybe it`s about the placebo effect. My hair got a completely new shine, but generally I consider myself as a beautiful person, so I am not sure what is really going on. It is still really hard for me to carry so much water with me. In practice, even when I sleep, I have a plastic bottle of water besides me in order to fulfill the quota. Even the people look strange at me; I think that my forearms are stronger. I think.

Day 15: I am full with energy 

I definitely have more energy. I almost don`t drink coffee. This is a big change, because I used to drink up to 3 cups of coffee a day. When I go to run at night, I feel that I am a bit faster. I sleep better. Even it is not that hot to me while I sleep. Not only that, I even feel incredible thirst if I don`t drink water. It seems that my body adjusted to the new lifestyle. I feel that maybe I won`t be the same person as before.

Day 20: The people are telling me that I look happier!

I still go often to the toilet and every time my urine is crystal clear. My girlfriend noticed that my skin looks cleaner and I feel that I have more energy. It sounds strange, but I have a feeling that i really feel better. I don`t have a problem with drinking water anymore. I adapted on the amount and now it represents my norm. Even the people respect me more even I carry the damn bottle with me everywhere. I am kidding, they don`t respect me J.

Day 30: Free and clean

The last day of my challenge. I still run to the toilet and I am constantly thirsty. I feel like my grandpa. But, unlike him, I feel better. Maybe it is a bit too much to drink a gallon of water every day, but I definitely notice that I haven`t been drinking enough water.


I won`t recommend this challenge to anyone, but it is O. K. to determine a certain amount of water that you have to drink during a day.



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