Doctors Warn: This Common Drug Destroys Your Liver

There is an incessant rise in the number of cases of liver failure globally. This sudden rise in complete liver failure can be linked to the use of certain drugs by people. The over-the-counter drugs you are exposed to on a daily basis is now known to be the major cause of chronic liver disease and failure, this drug is known as acetaminophen.

Acetaminophen is a compound found in several brands of over-the-counter drugs that have now become a part of our daily use. Some of the medications with acetaminophen in them include NyQuil, Excedrin, Tylenol and Theraflu. This compound is found in virtually most cold medications and painkillers and is responsible for a staggering 56,000 emergency room visits, 2,600 hospitalizations and 460 fatalities each year.

Consuming this compound over an extensive period of time is dangerous, even when taken in minute doses. It is very poisonous to the liver and a study conducted involving 145 participants that were divided into three groups proved that acetaminophen is lethal.

In the study, the volunteers in the first group were given acetaminophen and opioid, while the second group volunteers were given acetaminophen alone and for the third group, they were given a placebo.

After a two week period, what was discovered was that the first and second group participants had a high level of liver enzyme of between 31 and 44%, showing the dangers of this drug to their liver. The drug drains the body of an important antioxidant known as glutathione, further putting strain to the liver. This drug is very dangerous and when combined with alcohol, the results can be devastating, as it can not only damage the liver but the kidneys as well.

It has been reported that taking acetaminophen over a course of a few days and also consuming more than your required daily dosage can lead to considerable liver damage and failure. While the dangers are alarming, what is equally surprising is the amount of medication that is out there using this compound as their active component.

Painkillers are consumed daily by millions of people worldwide and these people are at risk of liver failure. It has now become necessary to week out alternative medication as a way of combating aches and pains, rather than shoving liver damaging poison down your throats.


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