The Easiest Way to Clean Your Phone From Bacteries and Dirt!

We hold the phone so close to the face, and the face is maybe the most sensitive part of the body.  Maybe your cell phone screen is dirtier than a toilet seat!?!

According to research done at the University of Stanford, the average cell phone is 10 times dirtier then the doorknob in a public toilet. The tests found that often present bacteria are Escherichia Colli and Streptokok (strep).

It is important to disinfect the phone as often as possible. This is especially important because we often write a message to each other while we eat.

The Easiest Way to Clean Your Phone From Bacteries and Dirt!


How to clean and disinfect it, without damage it?

Make a mild mixture of water and little isopropyl alcohol. That will clean the bacteria. Make this mixture and apply it to a gentle fabric. Carefully wipe the entire device.

Very important:

Drain good the fabric, because if it`s wet can damage the phone!

Make sure you power off your device before you start wiping it down, and never spray a cleaning solution directly onto your device, just to be safe.


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  1. Lillian Hamusiya says:

    Good news to hear. Will be more careful with how I use my phone and who else uses it.