Effective Diet With Tomatoes! Lose 3 kg For 5 Days!

Boiled or fresh tomatoes, even if they help you to lose weight, they clean your body from toxins.

This diet is for 5 days, so you`ll lose 3 kg. During the diet, you must eat tomatoes at every meal.

DAY 1:

Breakfast: 2 slices of brown bread with a little bit of margarine and one teaspoon of honey. Coffee or tea, without sugar.

Lunch: Salad with tomatoes and cheese

Snack: 1 peach

Dinner: Pasta with tomato gravy

DAY 2:

Breakfast: 200 ml. Yogurt, 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of muesli.

Lunch: Greek salad

Snack: 1 fruit or coffee

Dinner: Hake soup

Effective Diet With Tomatoes! Lose 3 kg For 5 Days!

Effective Diet With Tomatoes! Lose 3 kg For 5 Days!

DAY 3:

Breakfast: Integral bread with 2 teaspoons of low fat cheese, tomato and onion.

Lunch: Tortilla

Snack: 2 carrots and 30 grams of ham and 1 dl. Tomato juice

Dinner: Meat with tomato gravy

DAY 4:

Breakfast: 2 slices of integral bread with cream cheese and one piece of ham, 2 dl. Tomato juice

Lunch: Gazpacho

Snack: Make a sandwich with integral bread. Make it with olives, ham and tomatoes.

Dinner: Tomatoes and rice

DAY 5:

Breakfast: 2 dl tomato juice, 2 slices of integral bread, spread cream cheese and tomatoes

Lunch: 1 slice of bread, cut it into cubes, add 400 gr. Tomatoes and lettuce. Also add olive oil.

Snack: Apple and kiwi salad and 1 teaspoon honey

Dinner: Pasta with tomato gravy

NOTE: Always when you feel hungry, drink tomato juice. This juice is very effective for burning fats!

Good luck!

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