Every Night She Wraps Her Hair in T-shirt! This Trick Delighted Over 17 Million People!

If you have curly hair or curl, you must know that it is almost impossible to have a nice hair in the morning.




During the night while you turn, the hair tangle, electrified and locusts, so your hairstyle is always problematic. If you wrap your hair, you know that it is an impossible mission for her and the next day it looks nice.

However, there is a solution! Try this easy method of twisting the hair in a T-shirt and the next day you can just take it off and that`s it!

If you have curly hair, wash it as usual, so take a T-shirt and lift the lower part of the forehead and twist around the neck so that the front and tie the sleeves on the forehead.

You will get a turban of T-shirt, and its effect is great! Try it and see – video has so far watched over 17 million people.


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