Face Gym: Anti-Aging Exercises! (VIDEO)

Today, we propose you some exercises to maintain muscle tone of your face.

Exercise 1: All you  need to do in this exercise is to move the forehead up and down. You can close your eyes. It looks funny, but it`s very good for the brain.

Exercise 2: Now, make the simple wrinkling motion of the nose. It`s good for the sinuses and the nose muscles.

Exercise 3: Gentile circular massage to loosen up the tension the biggest part of the jaw muscle. A couple minutes of this massage can help you to relieve this in yourself.

Exercise 4: Circular motions, roll the jaw around in circles. It`s very good to release tension in the face.

Exercise 5: Simple movement back and forth, you shake out the tension in the face. Keep your eyes closed.

Watch this video and try these exercises. They are very helpful!

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