Get a Flat Stomach And Thinner Thighs With This Powerful Drink!

We all have to consume 7-8 glasses of water a day. Experts repeat this sentence all the time. Water is the most important part of our diet. So, today we are going to show you the incredible recipe for sassy water which will help you to lose the extra pounds from the body!

The benefits of drinking water are amazing and various. It is the best potion for weight loss which hydrates the body and represent a real professional dealing with digestive problems and the most important characteristic is that burns the belly fat. You should take a bigger bottle or bowl full of water and add cucumber, mint, lemon and ginger and the drink is ready to use.

There’s nothing better in a hot summer day when than a cup of this amazing drink where you will not only lose weight, but you will also remove the toxins from your body.

These are the ingredients for sassy water:

– 0,5 gal mineral water

– a tablespoon of grated ginger root

– 1 sliced cucumber without crust

– 1 freshly squeezed lemon

– 12 leaves of mint (fresh)

Put these ingredients in a jug and leave into the fridge to overnight. The next morning you can start the day with a glass of the sassy water.

Get a Flat Stomach And Thinner Thighs With This Powerful Drink

Note: The ingredients must be fresh (except the mint)!

Diet plan:

– Breakfast – a glass of the potion with a light breakfast

– Lunch –  vegetable and fish salad

– Dinner – lettuce, boiled potatoes and grilled fish

You can consume fruit juices, yogurt and vegetables as a snack . This kind of regimen should be from 4 to 28 days. After the fourth day, you will fell the difference in your stomach and you will feel fresh.  Sassy water can help you to reduce 2-4 inches in the waist.


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