He Gets an Amazing Job! The Director Asked by Him to Look His Father`s Hands! He did it and realized the TRUTH!

One boy gets a chance to represent his CV in a great company. He passed the first level of the interview and he had a chance to meet the director of the company. The director was surprised by the CV and had a couple questions:

  • During the schooling, did you have a tuition?
  • – Said the boy
  • Do your father paid the schooling?
  • – He said
  • What does your father do?
  • He is a blacksmith. – Said the boy
  • Can you show me your hands?
  • Yes, of course

The boy`s hands were soft and gentle.

  • Did you help with your parents, sometimes?
  • Never, they just want from me to read and learn. By the way, my father is better than me in his job. – He said

So the director said: – I have one request for you! When you go home, look your father`s hands and try to wash them! Come back tomorrow!

The boy had a feeling that he`ll get the job!

The next morning, the boy was in the office. The director notes tears in the boy`s eyes. He asked him: – What happened?

  • I washed father`s hands. I note a lot of scars and dirty. After that I cleaned the workshop. I know now that with the help of my parents, I am who I am and I`m what I`m. Now I know that is very important to help with your family. –He said
  • That was my point! I want to work with people that can appreciate the help of each other. YOU ARE IN!

You can teach your children to color the walls and clean the table after meals. Teach them to appreciate you, the job, the people and the help that you offer them.




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