What Happened To Me After 1 Month Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach?

Surely you’ve ever wondered how the Japanese women have such shiny and nourished skin and slender figure without excess weight.

The secret begins in their morning ritual of drinking water on an empty stomach every morning, as soon as they wake up.

According to many studies, this simple habit ensures positive results for health that manifest in many ways.

One woman has set a challenge within one month adhered habit.


After the experience, concluded:

  1. I began to feel much fresher and healthier

A few days after I started to drink water in the morning, I started to feel better. I could feel that my body discarding more easily, any toxins.

  1. My metabolism has become better

This practice contributed to enhance my metabolism. I no longer felt hunger before I was constantly tormented. The need for snacks between meals disappeared, and felt much more energy.

  1. The number of kilograms began to decline

Although it did not feel hunger, digestion ceased to be slow and difficult. A greater energy motivated me to practice more.

  1. The acids in the stomach disappeared

I suffered from increased secretion of stomach acid, but once I started to drink water every morning this problem completely disappeared.

  1. My skin looked healthier

People often told me that I look older than my age. As soon as I started a new challenge, wrinkles on my face disappeared and my skin looked healthier, more radiant and beautiful.

  1. The same thing happened with my hair

My hair was brittle and had to go to the hairdresser and even twice a month to cut “flowering” tops. Drinking water not only helped my hair to become healthier, but make it look and much more radiant.

  1. I said goodbye to urinary tract infections

Drinking water has solved this problem better than any antibiotic that until then I had used. There are no annoying infections that previously constantly repeated.

  1. For a long time I am not ill

This simple ritual improves my immunity so for some time I have complained of any illness.

Try to follow her example and you.

These are rules that need to be followed:

– Drink four glasses of water as soon as you wake up, before brushing teeth and on an empty stomach. If you find it difficult to start with four cups a start, gradually increase the amount.

– Do not eat anything in the next 45 minutes.

– Drink water at least half an hour before meals.

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