Hiccups – what causes it and how to stop?

Hiccups are unwanted and uncontrolled contraction of the diaphragm, which can be repeated several times during one minute. Contractions are followed by a sudden closure of the vocal cords, resulting in a distinctive sound, funny for the people around us.

Although the sound often causing laughter among present person around us, hiccups known to be unpleasant and irritating phenomenon, especially when repeated constantly. In most cases, hiccups stopped after only a few minutes.

Hiccups – what causes it and how to stop?

Hiccups – what causes it and how to stop?

What causes hiccups usually?

  • Overeating or eating too fast;
  • Strong emotions such as fear, anxiety, joy or euphoria;
  • Consumption of carbonated beverages;
  • Eating dry or spicy food;
  • Changing the temperature in the stomach – drinking a cold drink upon hot drink;
  • Consuming alcohol in large quantities;


There are many different ways that you can stop the normal hiccups. Some of them you may think funny, but it’s worth to give them a chance.

Inhale and hold your breath as long you can. Take a deep breath and slowly count to 10 before you breathe out. Repeat 3-4 times.

Drink cold water. Quickly drink 10 small sips of cold water, or do gargle with cold water.

Eat a teaspoon of sugar or honey.

Breathe into a paper bag. If you do not have a paper bag, cover nose and mouth with your hands and breathe some time this way.

Pull out your tongue. Pulling as hard you can stops hiccups.

Gently cover your ears. Cover carefully the ear canals with your hands or fingers over a period of 20-30 seconds. Many argue that this is exactly the “cure” for boring hiccups.

Bite a slice of lemon or take a little sip of vinegar. The taste of acid helps release of hiccups.

Lift your knees toward your chest and strongly embrace them.

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