Hitting The Little Toe and the Elbow: The Truth of The Incredible Pain! Why It Hurts So Much?

Direct hitting the little toe is a very painful experience. An impact the tissue is compacted into the bone, a bone in the wrist and then the pain starts.

However, strong intensity of this pain arises because the little fingerĀ  has many nerve endings that are only protected by the skin. Besides all the force of the hit ends directly to the small volume of a finger.

Hitting the elbow

The same pain you can feel if you hit your elbow. Hitting the elbow most often leads to strange and uncomfortable feeling of tingling all over your hands. This occurs because when hitting pressed nerve that extends from the neck to the hand.

The problem occurs when the arm is bent at the elbow because then the nerve closest to the skin and actually unprotected. Add to that a blow to a hard surface, and that’s a big reason for the pain.

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