How To Whiten Your Skin? You Must Follow This Guide!

Everyone wishes to have flawless skin. The face, hands and legs are so important parts of the human body. Skin color mainly depends on its pigment, called melanin, produced in the skin cells called melanocytes. The more melanin pigment melanocytes produce, the darker the skin will be. Some body parts are exposed to UV rays. Protect yourself from direct sun rays, because they will darken the skin shade. You really need to use sunscreen, but pay attention.

Use these methods if you want to get rid of darker skin or get white feet or hands!

  • With Lemon and Salt exfoliate your skin. The salt will help you to remove the dead skin and scrub of lemon will exfoliate and refresh your skin immediately. Using the salt like scrub to rubbing it over the hands and feet. The result is amazing, because your feet and hands will shine.
How To Whiten Your Skin? You Must Follow This Guide!

How To Whiten Your Skin? You Must Follow This Guide!

  • Massage your skin (leg, hands or face) with Cucumber or Aloe Vera for 10 minutes. They are full of water and will help you to whiten the darker parts of your body. After rubbing wash the parts with warm water.
  • With Milk and Powder of Orange Peel make a homogeneous mixture like a paste. Apply this mixture on the face and neck, previously well cleansed. Let it act for 20 minutes. Wash your face with cold water after applying. This mask will clean and refresh your skin and restore the vitality your skin.
  • Use Raw milk instead lotion or oil to massage the hands or legs. This kind of milk is a miracle of the nature that turns into a glowing skin. It is absolutely the best home remedy.


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