If You Have Back Pain, You Should Use Ice Massage Therapy! Here Are The Instructions!

Ice relieves the BACK PAIN

Ice massage is one of the most effective methods of relief pain in the neck and back. Most diseases of the spine caused by the weakening or stretching of muscles due to bad influences and habits throughout life. For example: numbness, sudden movements, lifting heavy objects or sports injuries.

Most of back pain is followed  with a variety of infections that ice soothes and eases problems automatically. It also calms the nerve impulses in the area that is massaged and break up the nerve pain signals.

Ice massage and ice application is generally most helpful during the first 48 hours following an injury that strains the back muscles. So, the ice reduces inflammation and swelling, which usually appear after injury.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Apply the ice gently and massage in a circular motion, so that will avoid an ice burn. Limit the ice massage therapy to about 5 minutes at a time, five times a day.
  2. Focus the ice massage therapy on the six-inch area of the back where the pain is felt.

Ice Massage

Also, avoid applying the ice massage directly on the bony portion of the spine. That is the bone that protrudes along the spinal column. Also, use cubes wrapped up in a clean cloth.


Here are some ideas, how to use cubes for facial massage.

Pour some fruit juice in your ice tray and leave it to freeze. Use these ice cubes to rub your face. This gives your face complexion becomes more radiant. Without using any makeup, ice cubes can give to your face a fresh look and rejuvenated. Take one or two ice cubes and rub them on your face.

Possible side effects: Be careful not to use more than two ice cubes. Using too many cubes causes skin problems that make the situation even worse. For example: the ice can break  the capillary under your skin, if you use ice cubes directly.


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