This Is Incredible, Do You Know What Happens If You Put Aluminum Foil On Your Teeth For 1 Hour?

This bleaching does not have the same effect on the all your teeth, for example, if you have gray teeth whitening may be invisible, but if you have a case with yellow teeth then it will act.

Today, there are thousands of types of pasta for whitening teeth that contain small amounts of carbonate peroxide, and tiny abrasive particles that mechanically clean the teeth and sliding on the tooth enamel. But you yourself can create natural toothpaste to whiten teeth.


It is necessary that you mix baking soda with toothpaste. Take aluminum foil, and fold it into the tape width and length that fits your teeth. This resulting paste, apply the foil and place on your teeth. The foil will stick to 1h on your teeth. For better effect do this procedure 2 times a week.


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