Do You Know How to Stop The Cramp In Your Leg?

Cramps usually occur in the muscles of the lower extremities and it is a very inconvenient experience, as it can cause severe pain.

The most common causes of cramp include:

  • Fast physical activity
  • Insufficient strength
  • Electrolyte loss by sweating during training in high temperatures
  • Lengthy sitting, which causes blockage of circulation and reduced pelvic structure
  • Wearing shoes with high heels, causing tension in the feet
  • Deficiency of magnesium and calcium in the body

The most common mistake is sitting. Immediately start to exercise, because it can occur cramp.

When you feel a cramp in the muscle, you should do the contrary motion. For example, if the cramp appeared in the back of the leg, in the sheet and pulling your foot down drags your fingers with hand and foot towards you to stretch in the opposite direction.

It will help and putting warm compresses, showering with warm water and easy massage. Eat foods rich in calcium and magnesium.

Do You Know How to Stop The Cramp In Your Leg

Cramp in the foot

By hand, lift and pull it toward you the foot which hurts you. When the pain starts to decline, pull the foot toward you. This will stretch the muscles that you writhing.

While you sit align the foot and lift your foot toward the knee.

Cramp in the sheet

By hand, pull the foot, so that the knee will bend and will lift the foot off the floor. Muscle fibers of the sheet will start to stretching in this way. At the moment when you wake up at night because of the cramp, and you can push with the foot wall. It is important that the sheet to appear longer.

Cramp in front of the thigh

In fetus position, pull the heel toward the buttocks, and the muscles in the front of the thigh immediately relax.

Cramp in the back of the thigh

Take a seated position with legs outstretched. Tilt forwards and make sure to touch your toes. Do not bend your knees! It’s about the classic stretch of the back box, which in a short time you should relax.

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