She lost 60 kilograms eating only these three things!

Kelly Hogan (37) once weighted 118 kilograms at its thickest stage, a claim that has lost weight 60 kilograms without much effort. The mother of three children who has dramatically transformed her body so that she lost 60 kilograms weight and claims that for this weight lose it is due to these foods – eggs, meat and cheese.

Kelly Hogan 37 years old in her thickest stage weighting 118 kilograms, and at that point she decided that something must change and the solution is seen in the diet without carbohydrates.

It not only she limited her diet it is reduced only three ingredients, resulting in drastic weight loss and now she weights 61 kilogram. “On the wall I have printed all the nutrients that meat contains in itself, and every day I eat meat, eggs and cheese with anything else, never make exceptions”, she told the Daily Mail.

After giving up of carbohydrates Kelly discovers she was craving for them, and admits that sometimes still she longs for peanut butter. It compares their relationship with carbohydrates with those addicts to drugs. Now believes that she broke the vicious cycle of addiction forever and to be lacking even sweets.

Her accumulation of kilograms started already in high school, and by her own recognition has tried every diet there is, but none of them had long-term effect.

Her family doctor recommended diet without carbohydrates, virtually guaranteeing that she will successfully lose weight. However, with this methods nutritionists do not agree, saying that in the diet of excess protein and fat causes the metabolism produces too ketones, compounds that damage the kidneys, nerves, liver and other organs. If diet lasts longer, this damage is increasing. Due to the excessive intake of saturated fat can clog blood vessels and cause heart attacks and stroke.


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