Man Beats Dog, Locks It In Cage To Die — Gets Taste Of His Own Medicine

After locals spotted an alleged dog thief, they decided to give the animal abuser a taste of his own medicine.

A man recently stole a family’s beloved pet dog, beat and tortured the animal, and finally locked it in a cage to slowly starve to death. However, as soon as angry locals spotted the infamous dognapper, they decided that the proper punishment would be to give him a brutal dose of his own medicine.

Each year, around 5 million dogs are routinely butchered to be sold for their meat to hungry customers in Vietnam. Often times, producers will snatch family pets to fill their disturbing quota, leaving civilians distraught and outraged over the loss of their adored canine.

These dogs are often horrifically abused before they are left to either waste away in filthy compact cages or suffer the gruesome slaughter that sees them sometimes skinned, burned, or boiled alive. Unfortunately for one businessman, he messed with the wrong pooch.

Tuoi Tre News reports that a crowd of furious locals identified the man accused of stealing a neighbor’s dog and chose to dish out a savage dose of mob justice. In a 20-minute video, citizens of Nghia Tru Commune in Hung Yen set upon the unnamed man, tied his hands behind his back, and delivered the same pain he allegedly inflicted on the poor animal.

After hurling insults at the thief, locals took turns beating him and tossing him around a muddy trench like a rag doll. Determined to make him pay for the dog’s suffering, civilians tied the animal’s corpse to the man and forced him to lie next to his victim. However, they weren’t done yet.

Around 13 minutes into the footage, the locals dragged the bruised and bloodied man to a large cage, one that most likely housed some of the unfortunate dogs sent to slaughter. He is placed in the crate like one of his animals and given empty food and water dishes. As a final touch, the mob then placed the dog’s carcass in the cage with the thief to further torment him for his alleged crime.

The Express reports that retaliation against dog thieves has increased as the number of family pets harvested for slaughter continues to grow. The Asia Canine Protection Alliance confirms that the demand for dog meat is so high in Asia that businesses are stealing dogs at every opportunity.

Of course, these dogs suffer immensely during the last few moments of their lives, being denied food and water and often packed into small cages with many other animals. Stray and house pets are snatched off of streets and out of yards to be shipped off to neighboring countries, especially as China prepares for their annual Yulin dog meat festival, in which around 10,000 dogs and cats are eaten over the course of 10 days.

Progressives promote multiculturalism by claiming that all cultures are equal and should be respected and tolerated. However, it’s barbaric practices like these that prove just how far beneath Western laws and values these other cultures really are. We are far from a perfect society, but flooding our nations with adherents of savage beliefs such as these is nothing more than welcoming in the cruelty and barbarity we’ve striven to oust.




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