These Are The Meanings of The Things That You Dream. They Will Leave You Breathless!

People usually associate sleep with the position in which they sleep. Many people have already confirmed that sleeping on the back provokes sleep or nightmares. Others make sure to go to bed right after they`ve eaten, but that can also provoke sleep disorders or nightmares.

There are cases in which we are sleeping and suddenly feel like we`re falling down, but then a sign of the heart appears when the cardiac rhythm diminishes and the brain starts to give us an alert to wake up.

Here, we are presenting you some of the meaning about the things we dream about!

  1. Boxes: disappointment, secret and mystery.

If a box appears in you sleep, then there is a secret that your subconscious is trying to reveal to you. If it is empty, it means that there are disappointments, where as a box that is opened, means that you have to reveal your secrets to the others.

  1. Cats: potency, femininity and spirituality.

It means force. The subconscious gives you indications that there is a connection between your subconscious and the spirituality.

  1. Teeth: health, aging and appearance.

Losing the teeth means that you are afraid of aging. Make sure to live your life to the maximum.

  1. Ants: irritability, support and work.

It symbolizes the connection and the relation you have with your dear people.

  1. Hair: freedom, sexuality and marital status.

It gives you an idea on how you must express yourself with your partner.

  1. Water: uncertainty, ambition and risk.

It means that you are a person who takes risks and who is ready to use all of the opportunities.

  1. Flying: positive vibes, value and freedom.

It means that you are making a big decision in your life and you are having an optimistic vision of your life.

  1. Roads: simplicity, destination and trips.

This means that you are very fond of travelling and that you need to reach your goals in long terms.

  1. Mud: discomfort, immobility and growth.

There can be something that worries you or you feel like you are caught in a situation. It is the time to be supported in movement.

  1. Green color: passion, love and healing.

When the green color appears in your sleep, it means that you are happy with your life.

  1. Being naked in public: acceptance, evaluation and vulnerability.

It means that you are ready to accept what others say about you. You are vulnerable.


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