Miracle Asset 10 Super Powers of the WD-40 Spray That You’ve Never Heard Off Before!

We all know that WD-40 can be very helpful in every household, it can serve as a lubricant, cleaner and solution against corrosion.

What is interesting is that the name actually says a lot about the process of creation. The WD-40 stands for water remover. The creator of the spray was able to perfect a formula that will prevent corrosion, more precisely from the 40th attempt.

A more general, WD-40 is used to prevent rust, cleaning tools and sports equipment, as a means of eliminating moisture and the like.

However, there are benefits of WD-40, and we suspect that some of you have already heard of them.

However, before you find out everything we have to inform you that the product, although generally completely safe is highly flammable, which is quite normal considering that the formula is based on Petroleum.

So, if swallowed can cause serious problems, and that can cause respiratory problems if used in areas where there is no ventilation and in large quantities. Its use can be harmful to children and pets so avoid use when they are close.

However, if you use it with caution can only facilitate your daily life. So, WD-40 can offer great help in several other situations:

Miracle Asset 10 Super Powers of the WD-40 Spray That You’ve Never Heard Off Before!

  1. Removes stains from carpet

All you have to do is spray the stain, and after a few minutes clean it, using a sponge with warm water and soap.

  1. Prevents the accumulation of snow on the windows

Spray WD- 40 on the outside of the window.

  1. Cleans toilet

Spray a little WD-40 inside of the shell, wait a minute, and then scrub with a brush. Its powerful ingredients will dissolve the lime and dirt easily and quickly.

  1. Cleans stains of tea from the desktop

If you do not wipe the stain of tea at the moment, you will need to invest much more effort later. However, WD- 40 will help you in this case! Just spray it on damp sponge and clean the stains.

  1. You can’t remove the ring? Here’s the solution!

Sometimes, you can’t take off the ring so easily. However, there is a solution: Spray a little WD-40 and the ring will slip easily. After that, do not forget to wash your hands.

  1. If your zipper gets stuck

Usually, zippers of jacket, backpack, jeans, boots and the like, can stuck, so you can not move them up or down. However, spray WD-40 can prevent this unpleasant thing, because it will lubricate the surface. It can be applied with a small brush.

  1. Makes shoes and boots waterproof

Spray a little WD-40 on the shoes and boots and it will serve as a barrier, in the way that it will make them waterproof. The spray will prevent moisture from entering in the shoes. In addition, during the winter, it prevents salt stains from appearing on footwear.

  1. Remove gum of your hair

This is the worst nightmare of every girl! Chewing gum can be randomly found in the hair, but cutting the hair is far from the best or the only solution!

The WD- 40 can help you again. Simply spray it onto the gum, and then comb. This time you will do this easily. However, be careful not to spray near the eyes, do it in a ventilated room or outside.

  1. Removes labels from glass

WD-40 destroys the stickiness of labels, so you apply the spray on them and wait a few minutes, then you will easily remove the labels.

  1. Removes super glue

Super Glue is really difficult to remove from any kind of surface, especially from the hands. However, all you need is to spray WD-40 and rub your fingers. In this way, you will take off the super glue easily. The same procedure can be used for removing superglue from any another surface in the house.


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