The Mistakes For Which You Have NO Youthful, Tight And Smooth Skin!

People tend to associate beauty with only the outward appearance, but it depends on how you care for your interior and body.

Good health, vitality and lifestyle many affect how your skin looks outside baby smooth.

You should therefore avoid a few things:

Lack of sleep

If you do not sleep enough, it will definitely reflect on your face. Dream stimulates the flow of oxygen into the skin and makes it look tight. According to a study published in the “British Medical Journal”, people who sleep enough and active look healthier and more attractive

Sitting too long

Those who have learned to sit more often throughout the day, instead of moving, at least 30 minutes and have less healthy skin.

Constantly under stress

According to studies conducted at the University of California, if you allow stress to be part of your life, it will adversely affect your health and make you look older than you are. So sit back, take a deep breath and resolve the problems one after another.

Sleep with makeup

Makeup dries the skin and makes you look older.

Use UV protective cream when you are on the beach

Sunscreens best to use throughout the year, not only while you’re on the beach and sunbathe because harmful UV rays cause wrinkling of the skin.

Do not worry about the face

First facial wrinkles, especially around the eye. Therefore, in time you begin to care for the skin.

Unhealthy diet

You have to watch the way nutrition not only to stay healthy, but also to look young and fresh.


Smoking in many ways detrimental effect on the skin – changes color, accelerate the aging process and reduces the flow of oxygen which is most important for the skin to be tight and smooth.


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