This Mother Beat Cancer With Juicing After Being Told She Had Two Weeks To Live!

Life drastically changes once you become a parent. You become responsible for another life out of a sudden and you become aware that some of the things you used to do are no longer an option. Parenting has its own advantages and disadvantages, however all parents feel intense need to be there for their children. Children especially need their parents when they are young and depend on them to help them understand the world and survive in it.



A Mother Who Refused to Give Up

Natasha Grindley is a 37 year-old mother and a nursery teacher from Liverpool. Natasha was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer in July 2014 and doctors told her that she didn’t have much time since the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, the neck and to the abdomen and she will probably die by the end of the month. Nevertheless, being a mother of two children, she was decided to fight the cancer.  Natasha and her husband started researching this disease hoping that they will find some alternative therapies. At the same time they took care of their children, Liam, 5 and Gabriella, 6.  Natasha started chemo following the doctors’ advice but she knew she had to try something else. Natasha consulted with eminent author Deliciously Ella and began fighting cancer with right nutrition.

More than Just an Option

Despite the fact that her health was speedily declining, she felt a drastic change due to the new diet. She began looking better, despite what everybody was thinking. Additionally, her emotional state improved and changed her outlook as well.

Natasha told a Daily Mail reporter that she had used the foods to power up her immune system and that helped her because her blood was then prepared for chemotherapy. She added that she had noticed a positive difference every time she had made a change in her diet.

Natasha’s secret is not something that is unknown to the world of nutrition. A number of people before her succeeded in curing cancer with big changes in the diet and juicing. These people had to reduce intake of artificial sugars and harmful processed meat products. On the other hand they had to increase the consumption of organic vegetables, especially carrots.

Two Years Have Passed Since the Two Weeks’ Notice

Two years have passed since Natasha was told that she will die in two weeks and that is the time she had left to spend with her family. However, her dedication and gratefulness to alternative treatments influenced Natasha to complete a higher education degree in nutrition and to begin a Facebook page of her own. Providing scientific evidence for her arguments, this mother hopes that other people will also benefit from proper diet and the power it has in curing a number of diseases.

Neither Natasha nor the doctors claim that cancer can be cured by diet exclusively, however changing the eating habits, especially if you suffer from a terminal disease can bring you various health benefits.



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