Having One Of These Moles Is A Potential Sign Of Cancer!!!

Dermatologists suggest tracking any change on your moles as well as any skin change, while also protecting your skin from the sun every time you go out. They do this for a good reason – although benign, moles can quickly develop into something more serious.

However, most people ignore the warning and neither control their moles or protect their skin from the sun. Look at the photo above – it shows two moles. One of them is benign, but the other is a literal “time bomb” which can go off at any time!


The potential cancerous mole is the one on the right (the reddish one) which resembles acne. The photo was taken by one of our readers who has more reddish moles on his body and visits a dermatologist every 6 months.

Here’s his story:

“My dad had the same red moles all over his body. When one of them started growing and burst, he went to the dermatologist to treat it. However, he was shocked to learn that he was suffering from melanoma, a deadly type of skin cancer!”, says the man. Luckily, the cancer was discovered early and his father has been cured after a surgery and chemotherapy treatment. His dermatologist warned him about the other moles on his body and told him to track any change. Unfortunately, his son inherited the same moles.

“I’m aware that my skin can kill me at any moment. I tan very fast, but I’m never safe. As soon as the sun starts shining bright, I have to rub the strongest UV lotion on me. People look at me like a weirdo as I’m wearing long-sleeved shirts and a hat in temperatures over 40C,”. He goes to the dermatologist every 6 months, and inspects his moles for changes every day.


“When my friends see me rubbing sun blocking lotion on the beach, they joke about me being too gentle, but I really don’t want to go through the hell my father went through. This is why I recommend using quality sun lotion,” says our reader. “Skin cancer is to be trifled with – it can kill you fast!”.

Enjoy the summer and the beach, but take these warning seriously and always rely on the suggestion made by professionals.

Source: http://www.lifehealthandparenting.com/

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