PARENTS! Pay Attention On Your Child`s Eye!

According to a study, the parents noticed this symptom in their children. Make an appointment with your child’s doctor (ophthalmologist) if you notice any changes to your child’s eyes.

Read this article and learn how to discover the symptom.

Retinoblastoma is a rare type of eye cancer that usually develops in early childhood, typically before the age of 5. This form of cancer develops in the retina, which is the specialized light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye that detects light and color. Retinoblastoma is often curable when it is diagnosed early.


  • Different-colored irises
  • Poorly aligned or “wandering” eye- strabismus
  • Reddish pupil
  • Larger-than-normal pupil
  • Poor or decreased vision

Pay attention of these signs!


PARENTS! Pay Attention On Your Child`s Eye!

PARENTS! Pay Attention On Your Child`s Eye!

  • A white reflex: This may be seen in many photographs of the child. A white reflection can be seen in a photograph where the flash has been used. Often one eye will have “red eye” which is normal, but the other eye may look white, yellow or orange.
  • A squint: Some people call a squint a “lazy eye”- Tt is where one or both eyes look in or out.
  • Red, sore or swollen eye: The eye may become very red and inflamed for no reason – without infection.
  • A change in color to the iris: The iris (the colored part of the eye) can sometimes change color in one eye.
  • An absence of ‘red eye’ in flash photographs: In a photograph where one eye has ‘red eye’ -which is normal, the other eye may look black or looks that something is not right.
  • Deterioration in vision: You may notice that your child does not focus or fix and follow.


Kids who carry the genetic mutation, from either a parent or grandparent,  usually get more than one tumor and are likely to develop the disease in both eyes.

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