This Pill Will Extend Your Life For 12 years!

In many experiments, the popular analgesics – ibuprofen continued lifespan of yeast, worms and flies to 15 percent.

In human years, that would mean that you will live 12 years longer. But what is perhaps even more significant is that the additional years proved to be extremely healthy, so they could receive additional years of quality life.

US scientists said that they have many reasons to rejoice. Ibuprofen is a relatively safe drug that can be found in many homes, and during the survey “respondents” receiving similar doses to those who daily take a million people around the world to solve the headaches, joint pain, flu and various strains.

However, it is still unclear how this medication, this time using the name Nurofen, slows aging. Scientists assume that the process is associated with stopping stations by taking tryptophan – an amino acid which is present in eggs, chocolate and turkey meat.

Michael Polimenis, a scientist who was part of the research team said:

“We believe that it is very encouraging aspect of our research that there are many safe medications as ibuprofen and that we can continue to explore. Our research, also supports the idea that drugs normally used can have unexpected positive effects. Just need further research to understand why it is happening.”

Although ibuprofen is considered a safe drug, it may cause indigestion and stomach ulcers, so it is not recommended self-treatment with him. Also, long-term intake of higher doses for arthritis, for example, can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack, and even reduce fertility in women.

On the other hand the analysis of research ibuprofen, aspirin and related analgesics , found that about one-fifth reduces the chance of developing the second of the three major types of cancer: skin cancer.

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