It can be pretty much unpleasant when you have troubles to going to the bathroom, to be exact when you have the urge to poop but you cannot. This is not a joke, but a serious health condition.

You may have tried many different popular reliefs: stool softener, fiber, cleanses, pooping position and detoxification, but they are not working.

But what about something better and relieving? There is a technique which will help you with no side effects.

There is a little stretch of skin between your private part and the anus that is called perineum. The perineum has a pressure point that when you do a massage on that point, it can ease up constipation. This fact comes from the Journal of General Internal Medicine.


Many people suffer from constipation, according to Journal of General Internal Medicine 1 in 5 suffers from constipation and women are more affected then men.

This technique can be also use by pregnant women to help relax and prepare the area. The massage relaxes the bowel too. Constant massage will help you in softening and breaking the stool.

This technique is more effective then body workouts or laxatives. Doctor’s should teach the patients.


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