Quit smoking without gaining weight!

Gaining weigh after quitting smoking is very common. It is considered that four of the five former smokers have gained weight (2-5 kg) ​​after breaking this harmful habit. The good news is that gaining weight is not inevitable. Quitting smoking does not affect everyone in the same way.

Why can you gain weight after quitting smoking?

  1. Increased appetite. The cancellation of the cigarettes is followed by an increase in appetite. In smokers, nicotine suppresses the appetite, so after canceling, it is normal to feel hungry more likely and as a result, to eat more likely.
  2. Slower metabolism (slower burning calories). Nicotine speeds up the metabolism and the heart rate of 10-20 beats per minute. When you stop to supply the body with nicotine, the metabolism will slow down, i.e return to normal. During this period, if you intake the same number of calories, increase in weight is expected.
  3. Sharpen the sense of taste. After quitting smoking, the majority of former smokers develop sharper taste. The food smells delicious and attractive.
  4. The need finding a new source of pleasure. After quitting, the smokers require a replacement for cigarettes. They seek substitution in high-calorie foods like cookies, candy and also alcohol.
  5. Empty hands and mouth. Smoking occupies the mouth and hands busy, and after cancellation, they feel that something is missing. Eating is the most common substitute for smoking because it engages the hands and mouth.
  6. Using food as a substitute for cigarettes in moments of stress and boredom. Former smokers often use food as a substitute for smoking or eating in the moments when you have to cope with stress or boredom, even if you do not feel hunger.
Quit smoking without gaining weight!

Quit smoking without gaining weight!

Tips to quit smoking without gaining weight!

  1. Do not give up smoking during the holidays. People eat more during the holidays, and they also hang out with their friends, so if you are surrounded by smokers, it is difficult to extinguish the desire for a cigarette.
  2. Make a plan. The plan that you should do before you quit should contain: a list of activities that make you smoke, a list of activities to fill in your time which is usually used for smoking, a list of healthy foods that you will consume and a list of physical activity you adore.
  3. Wherever you go, carry a bottle of water. Drinking water will contribute to feeling full, it will reduce your appetite and keep your hands busy. If you are in the company of a smoker, drink a sip of water often for easier suppression of the desire to join in smoking.
  4. Avoid alcohol. Control your desire to drink alcohol, because alcohol is high in calories, and its excessive consumption can bring increased weight. Moreover, the desire for a cigarette in most ex-smokers increases drastically when they consume alcohol.
  5. Ban yourself from strict diets. If you are trying to lose weight at the same time when giving up cigarettes, you will need to deal with two challenges simultaneously, which increases the risk of failure. Set Priority to quit smoking, then you worry about your body line
  6. Have at hand healthy products. Keep chopped vegetables (cucumbers, carrots or peppers sliced ​​long strips) in the fridge. When you want to put something in your mouth, rather than turning to chocolate or crisps, take vegetables. Not only will it bring vitamins and minerals, but also will bring fewer calories. It is important to store vegetables sliced, because if you have yet to wash, peel and chop, you will probably choose to eat something that is easier for human consumption (chips, chocolate)
  7. Eat small meals several times a day. The more often you eat, the less you feel hungry. But keep in mind that meals should include small portions. Be careful when choosing food and try to resist the temptation to consume high-calorie food. Enter more vegetables and fruit in your diet.
  8. Choose healthy snacks. When you have a hunger attack between meals, choose low-calorie and healthy snacks such as fresh fruit, popcorn without butter or a cup of low-fat yogurt.
  9. Be physically active. Regular exercise not only burns calories, but also destroys the desire for a cigarette. Studies show that people who exercise while giving up cigarettes, increase less kilograms or don’t gain weight at all, and have twice as likely chances to quit smoking, than those who do not exercise.
  10. After the meal, instead of smoking, wash your teeth. All smokers, especially enjoy to light a cigarette after a meal. In that situation, the best way to avoid smoking is to get up and wash your teeth. Do not forget that the desire for a cigarette lasts only a few minutes, so while you wash your teeth, you will forget the cigarettes. In addition, teeth cleaning will destroy the desire to grab another thing, as a substitute for a cigarette.
  11. Remind yourself how much better you fell after you’ve given up smoking every day. Specify the reasons such as “I breath much better,” “I have more stamina,” “My health is improved,” “My fingernails become whiter”
  12. Do not get obsessed with weight. If you feel that your pants are becoming narrower. Increased belly should not encourage you to reach out after smoking again. Your health is much more important. Firstly quit cigarettes successfully, and once stabilized, you can concentrate on losing the received two to three kilograms.
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