Do You Realize What You Have Eaten When Cooking Food In Aluminum Foil?

If you use aluminum foil to cook your food, then you are definitely doing it wrong. This ‘skill’ causes major health complications and harms health in so many aspects.

Aluminum is a toxic substance and you do not want it any near your family. If this was your favorite cooking hack, stop doing it at this very moment!

Aluminum poisoning

Excessive exposure to aluminum burdens the body with dangerous toxins. Human body is designed to eliminate harsh toxins itself, but it sure has a limit. Experts from Mount Sinai Hospital say that aluminum tends to accumulate in the body and cause dangerous aluminum poisoning.

It is a condition that involves muscle weakness, pain in the skeletal system, seizures, and confusion. In children it may cause delayed development and growth.

Aluminum poisoning can also cause anemia, respiratory issues, and disorders in the nervous system. Latest studies have shown that aluminum exposure can cause abnormalities and defects in embryos. Sounds bad, right?

Aluminum is all around you

This metal is concentrated in Earth’s crust. Human body does not need it to perform its natural functions, but it is often contained in common foods and drugs, including aspirin, vitamin supplements, and other prescription drugs.

These increase the risk of suffering from aluminum poisoning. Keep in mind that aluminum is also found in dishes and foods you eat every day.

So, if you like cooking your food in aluminum, keep in mind that it gets inside your meat or veggies, and eventually ends up in the system. Aluminum poisoning is common in people whose job involves high exposure to aluminum.

Prevent aluminum poisoning

Human body can eliminate only small amounts of aluminum, which is way you should avoid it whenever possible. Change your cooking habits and eat foods that do not involve aluminum. Replace your aluminum kitchenware with cast iron items.

And remember, you should never ever cook your food in aluminum foil. Cut off processed and pre-packed foods, because aluminum is often used as a food preservative.

Opt for fresh and organic foods. This will help you reduce the risk of aluminum poisoning. Share this article with others, and keep aluminum away from you.


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