How To Reduce The Visibility Of Stretch Marks, Naturally?

Similar to cellulite, there seems to be no woman who has not encountered a problem called stretch marks, and often affects men, especially if they have lost or raised a drastic number of pounds in a short period of time.

Stems commonly appear on the stomach, arms, legs and buttocks.

They are usually most visible after pregnancy, but there are also many other causes that cause them – genes, stress, and as we already mentioned each drastic change in weight.

The epidermis is the upper layer of the skin, the dermis is the layer that lies in the middle, while the hypodermis is the layer that lies at the bottom. Stems are formed in the middle layer, that is, the dermis as a consequence of tissue that stretches beyond its usual capacity and flexibility.

When the skin is subjected to this process and spreads more than its own capacity and flexibility, the normal cycle of work is disturbed, and at the same time the process of creating collagen. In this way stretch marks begin to form in the form of small scars under the upper epidermis. At the beginning they have a pinkish-red color, and then around them form thin silver lines.

When you lose or climb a lot of pounds in record time, the skin does not have the capacity to recover and recover so quickly, so the striate are quite normal.

Streets have a lot of influence on people’s self-esteem and are a source of complexes and frustrations, but it does not have to be so. There are several natural ways you can reduce their visibility:

Castor oil

Castor oil is one of the main ingredients found in skin creams, anti-aging creams and wrinkles, blisters or blemishes. The same works greatly in the fight against stretch marks.

Apply quality castor oil to the stretch mark and massage round and slowly for about 10 minutes. Apply thin and clean cotton to the place where you massaged. With the help of heat (hot water bottle, electric cushion or hair dryer) keep the place warm for about 30 minutes.

Repeat this process within 30 days and see for the effective results.

Protein from eggs

Amino acids particularly assist in the recovery of the skin besides the proteins. Both are available in egg whites.

Sweep one egg white and apply it on the stretch marks of cleansed skin.

When the applied coating is completely dry, wash it with cold water.

As it leaves the skin quite dry, hydrate it with a little olive oil.

Repeat the process for about 15 days to visible results.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is especially useful against stretch marks due to its natural acidity. It also helps against any type of scarring.

Apply fresh lemon juice on the striae and allow it to soak in the skin for about 10 minutes. Wash with warm water.

You can mix the lemon juice with cucumber juice and so apply the mixture to the affected area.

Potato juice

It may sound strange, but the potato juice helps the skin recover more easily, and cells grow faster.

Cut the potatoes into thick pieces and apply them on the sturgeons, but make sure the natural juices of the potato are in contact with the skin.

Leave to dry in a natural way after you have removed it and wash your skin with warm water.

For a stronger effect, place the potato in juicer and apply pure potassium juice to the striae. Remove it in the same way as before, with lukewarm water after it is dried naturally.

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