She Rejected Him Because He Was Poor, But 10 Years Later…

We all think that we can predict the future with our experience and the current situation, but…

A girl who comes from a rich family fell in love with a boy who is poor. His heart was sincere. But she rejected because she wanted to live in poverty. She thought that she knows what she wants in life and believed that the outcome of such love for her would be wrong. Considered that love is not enough if there is no money.

-Go and find the girl that it`s on your level. As you earn in a month, I spend in a day! Would you want me to be your wife? I could never love someone like you! – She told this when the boy engages her.

After 10 years…

One day, they met in the mall.

– Oh, you? How are you?  I’m married to a real man. He earns 15,700 dollars a month.

The man said nothing in reply.

– Good morning, sir! I see you’ve met my wife, said her husband, a little surprised when he saw them together.

– Good morning, sir!

“Carter, Chief, that`s my surname ” replied the husband of the girl

By road and he explained to his wife how he was his boss who owns a project worth $ 100 million. The woman was in shock and she could not believe that it he is the same man that she rejected.

– He is a modest man, continued her husband.

– The people said that previously he was very poor, and rejected by the love of his life. Therefore, he vowed to enrich, but has never married, told her husband, he never realized that the girl was his wife.

When her husband asked her where he knows his boss, there was no answer.

So, this touching story is one of the proves that you should listen to your heart and value the real feelings. You can earn and spend money, but you cannot buy the love of each other with money. Love, enjoy in life and share your positive energy with your family and friends. That`s the life point!

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