When You See Why She Baked Eggshells, You Will Never Throw Them Away! (VIDEO)

Eggshell is rich in minerals that are useful for the bones. Eggshell contains the perfect set of ideal substances for the treatment of caries, massive amounts of calcium and other 27 minerals. The composition of eggshell is the same as the composition of our teeth.

Egg shells can help in the treatment of orthopedic diseases. Vitamins and minerals from eggshells can help reduce bone loss in post-menopausal women.

If you want to make a cure of the shell, you can do it in your own kitchen, but there are few things that you should consider:


First, the use of organic eggs, in order to avoid chemicals and hormones. Secondly, cleaning. To avoid salmonella poisoning, cook the eggs to 140 degrees for at least 3 and a half minutes to kill bacteria.

See the video below. It will show you each step and give precise instructions on the preparation of calcium powder.

The preparation takes about 30 minutes and when you’re done; a white powder can be added to foods or taken as a supplement.

Do not forget to put in a container and put in the fridge.


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