See The Incredible Effect Of Putting An Aspirin Into The Washing Machine!

As much as you try to wash your white laundry and keep the original whiteness, clothes seem to become more and grayer every time they come out of the washing machine. A secret trick from your medical cabinet will help you solve this annoying problem.

Put 325 mg of aspirin in 2 gallons of water and let the tablets dissolve, or break them into smaller pieces for faster dissolving. Soak the white (now grayish) clothes in the aspirin solution and leave them for at least 8 hours, or even better overnight. The clothes should be submerged in the solution completely in order to make whiter the entire piece of garment. You can also try putting the tablet in the washing machine before turning it on, but with soaking you will get better results. In 8 hours, or in the morning, take out the laundry, air dry it or put it in the dryer.
You can use the same procedure for removing stains from your clothes. For blood stains, use only cold water for dissolving the aspirin and leave the stained piece of clothes for 2 hours in the solution. Hot water will make the blood protein clump and this way it will be even harder to remove the stain.
A weak acid from the aspirin has great effects in removing stains and returning the original color of the cloth. So why buy expensive cleaning products or stain removers when your medicine cabinet has this incredible thing with the same effect in solving the problem, called aspirin.



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