Stop To Wash Your Hair Every Day! These 7 Tricks Will Help You!

Too often washing of hair can bring in more harm than benefit, said Dr. Lynn Goldberg, director of the clinic for hair at Boston Medical Center.

Daily hair washing stimulates oil glands to secrete a greater amount of sebum in an attempt to keep the skin hydrated, often unwittingly enter into a vicious circle.

7 following tricks will help you get out of this vicious circle and restore the natural beauty of your hair:

1. Food

To not have to constantly struggle with oily hair have the diet to discard the fat and fried foods, sugar, white flour and candied products.

2. Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a great way to deal with oily hair without having to wash.

3. Do not avoid the accessories

In many situations they can be of great benefit.

4. Pay attention of the temperature of the water with which you wash your hair

Always wash your hair with warm but not hot water. The hot water stimulates the oil glands to work more and thus get a higher secretion of sebum on the scalp.

5. Braid

Apply a little baby powder on the roots and the rest laced it into a braid. This way the hair will be neat and would not have seen that you have not washed that day.

6. Comb your hair before going to bed

Before going to bed comb your hair. In this way the next day she will be prettier.

7. Wash the combs

Never forget to wash your brushes and combs. Sebum deposits, lacquer, gel, wax or whatever you put your hair often know how to make your hair look fat even if you wash just one day.

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