Straight Hair Without The Use Of Tools For Straightening!

No need for exposing the hair to harmful influences and using devices that damage the hair fiber. These natural treatments will get the desired result.


  • Milk is life-giving commodity that contains plenty of useful amino acids and natural sugars necessary for a man. Perform the treatment by putting milk in a bottle with a sprayer and spray it on your hair. Allow the milk to soak for 15 minutes and wash it with shampoo. You will be amazed by the result!
  • Another type of treatment with milk is to add some honey and make a uniform paste. To this, you can also add some previously crushed banana or strawberry. Moisten the hair with this mixture and wait to dry. Then wash it with shampoo.


  • It is known that oil is healthy for the skin and as well as for the hair. Mix some coconut and olive oil. When applying the oil you should make sure you have rubbed it nicely on your skull. Then roll your hair in a previously prepared hot towel. Wear the towel for 45 minutes and then wash it with a shampoo.
  • Beat 2 eggs and put some olive oil in them. Blend it and apply it on your hair. Leave it on your hair for or 30 something minutes and then wash it with shampoo.


Straight hair without the use of tools for straightening!

Straight hair without the use of tools for straightening!


Coconut and lemon juice

Make some coconut milk: grate a coconut and add water, then drain it. Extract some lemon juice and put it in the milk. Put the mixture into a fried for a couple of hours. You will notice that the mixture will form a creamy surface. This top creamy layer is what you need exactly. Apply it and let it stand for 45 minutes. Then wash it with shampoo.

After these treatments your hair will be silky, very soft and shiny. The treatments are recommended for hair that is spilled, fragile and partially curly.


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