The Studies Have Shown That After 40`s You May Have A FLAT Stomach, If You Do This TWICE A Week!

The truth is that every decade after the twenties, metabolism slows down and reduces the proportion of muscle tissue and after the fiftieths becomes especially pronounced. Less than half a kilogram of muscle tissue lost during the decade, and then fifties can lose half a kilo per year, says Wayne Westcott Physiologist from Quincy University in Boston. Although it made a number of studies, yet to finish on clear why this happens, but the theory that the professionals take as the most relevant is that the body breaks down faster than it creates muscle.

Lifting weights twice a week for 25 minutes

Scientists have proven that lifting weights twice a week for 25 minutes significantly speeds up metabolism. A survey conducted Westcott 1,600 people aged between 21 and 80 years found that muscle for ten weeks increased by slightly less than a kilogram and a half. Respondents during those ten weeks trained (lifting weights) twice a week. Made a series of 12 different exercises and lifted weights, this repeated 12 times. Next best part of the research refers to the fact that all of them despite age and those between 25 and 75, achieved similar results.

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