Why You Should Take Off The Ring Before You Wash Your Hands?

Hand washing is common hygienic habit after performing necessary before and after eating, as in many other situations. The question is which is better: to wash hands with jewelry or take it off before you wash them.

The surface of the hands can be full of bacteria, so it is important to regularly wash throughout the day. Hand hygiene, in addition, a lot depends by the jewelry that you might wear on your hands. “When you wash your hands with rings allow water and soap to fit between the rings and in the hand skin, which is fertile ground for the development of bacteria. In hospitals, we spend a lot of time to properly train people to wash their hands. Employees are not permitted to wear gloves, rings and watches because it objects carrying bacteria “- says Angela Vassallo, director of the Center for Infectious Diseases at St. Johns Health Center in Santa Monica.

That`s why the medical expert advocates to take off the jewelry before washing your hands. So, the bacteria that may not be visible to the eye can not gather in and around the ring. In addition, in this way you also protect the jewelry from destruction. Experts recommend to wipe your rings once a week with a soft and dry cloth. Then put the jewelry in UV sterilizer for removing bacteria. You can also use home remedies to clean.


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