Tap These Points On Your Body! What Will Happen?

Stimulating energy meridians can relieve frozen energy which hides many unpleasant feelings and trauma. Discover how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques, simply by tapping the fingers on certain areas of the body, you can relieve stress, anxiety and other feelings and conditions that prevent you from living fulfilled.

Life is driven by subconscious instincts

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique (eng. Emotional Freedom Technique), originated in the US in the 90s of the last century, assumes that the disorder of energy flow or energy blockages in the body, is the cause of all our problems and therefore, most of all diseases. When the blockage is gone, disappears all undesirable psychological and emotional states, but also the disease that is caused by them.

Stopped energy

Our body, with blockage reacts to a trauma, stress, bad event or emotion. Blockade corrects stimulation over the meridian, and then emotional disorder disappears, “says Ana Golenko, practitioner of EFT.

It is based on Albert Einstein’s theory that all physical matter, including the body, energy, EFT restores the body’s energy system into balance, and this has a profound effect on the psyche. Correcting the imbalance by tapping certain places on the body leads to a rapid improvement of the situation. This very simple technique to many, who have encountered for the first time with it, seems so ridiculous that they doubt the effectiveness, but when they reach a goal, when the body and the spirit return energy balance, change their minds.

Tap These Points On Your Body! What Will Happen?

Tap These Points On Your Body! What Will Happen?

The tapping points

Each treatment begins with the acceptance of the problem and its pronouncing aloud. The tips of Meridian, their main points are located on the upper part of the body – on top of the head, above the eyebrows, temples, under the eyes, under the nose, the chin, below the collarbone, a few inches below the armpit and the side of the palm, below the little finger.

EFT often helps in situations when nothing else can help – with anxiety and other mental illnesses, with addiction, anger, all kinds of phobias, with mental and physical pain, insomnia, trauma of the past, guilt and resentment. Achieving energy balance after only one treatment restores concentration, self-confidence, self-healing ability and efficiency.

Leading the tapping

A good example of a person suffering from the uncertainty, lack of confidence, and consequently has a poor memory and concentration, as well as seeking solace everywhere. Therapy begins by patting your head and saying: Although I’m insecure, I love and accept myself completely. By continuing with tapping in second place, one opens and says: I appreciate myself and my abilities, but I want to meet other people’s expectations, which is why I feel miserable and less valuable.

Acceptance does not mean loving the bad

However, we have raised not to show emotions, to suppress them, we learned automatically to resist that which does not suit us. If something worries us, we’ll make ourselves forget those concerns, rather than deal with it. Accepting the bad does not mean it’s bad, it means to open up to change. The subconscious is our part to which we’ve turned our backs.

We asked the practitioner EFT what if with some fear, trauma or repressed negative emotions we do not want or cannot face. And if we do it, whether its awareness will bring more bad than good?

“EFT reduces emotional intensity of negative emotions. If in the past we have experienced a negative experience and pushed it into the subconscious, it will smolder there all the time with the same intensity as when it happened. With EFT we go back to that experience and the client estimates the intensity.

Deduct charge of the negative energy

By tapping the meridians and the restoration of energy balance, charge lowers down to zero, so that, now conscious emotions over that person can no longer have any power. Sometimes it is sufficient for the neutralization of a treatment, and sometimes they need to be more, depending on what is the trauma.

In most cases, immediately after the first round of tapping on the client responds to the bad feeling, it became unimportant, distant. He knows about it, is aware of it, and pushed away from them “, explained the therapist Golenko.

The void is accompanied by fatigue

The reactions of the body during EFT therapy is individual – someone laughs, someone is crying, sometimes both at the same time. It is a common to be nauseous, even vomiting and having a headache, but everything goes away during the treatment. After that, however, usually occurs sleepiness in response to jettison. These reactions must happen because they are a sign that something is changing, and that the mind and body is clean.

After a period of EFT therapy reactions to difficult situations become much calmer, milder – the circumstances no longer seem insurmountable, and life becomes easier.

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